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Posts tagged ‘Photography’

Spring is in the air!

Spring is finally returning to Sweden! I was really looking forward to it after such a long period of snow & ice, overcast & clouds and drizzle & rain. The sun has been shining for a couple of days now and outside of my apartment some tulips have started to color the world around them once more…and probably decrease ‘Swedish depression suicides’! Even though it was quite windy I just had to get out there and have fun with my camera, the results of which you can see below. Forgive me for turning up the saturation so high (giving the overly bright colors) but I’m just so happy to see something else than grey all the time that I just had to. Just to be clear…the ‘barf-in-your-face-colors’ are by no means the best way to post-process your pictures.

I actually have some tips for if you want to start photographing flowers.

‘WHAT! Actual useful content, wow you’re so amazing Rik…tell us more, tell us more!’

Now that my ego matches the great weather…here they are:

1. The Composition

Avoid photographing from above. I have only seen very very few pictures that actually pulled it off. Usually the picture just ends up boring or very flat, especially when the ground is just a bit muddy or just plain grass. There’s bound to be a more interesting angle that not only captures the colors but also the shape of the flowers. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and low to the ground…I mean my new white woolen shirt is ruined but at least I got some great pics

2. Blur

The effect you want to create is to blur out as much of the surroundings as possible and create a single focus point. If you have a DSLR you can do this by fully opening your diaphragm…or a low f value…or a large aperture. (If you find this confusing check back later because I’m planning on doing a DSLR introduction series where you get to learn all about ISO, f-stops and camera modes) The reason why you want to blur so much is because flowers tend to grow together in groups and if all of them would be in-focus there would be way to much information and no ‘guidance’ for the viewers eye. (Once again, check back later for a tutorial on compositions). To fade out the background even more you can use a zoom-lens (or macro, but I don’t have one) and zoom right in. Just remember that less is often more.

3. Background

One really cool thing when doing macro photography is that it’s very easy to fake a background…because there is barely any visible. Just get some nice colored paper and hold it behind the flowers you want to photograph. You could for instance create a contrast-color background or just a plain white/black background. Just experiment! Another advantage using this technique is that if you aim your paper at the sun you can diffuse the sunlight and get a really smooth look which is great if you are going really close up and want to capture all the details.

4. Fake It Till You Make It

You see those nice little droplets on the flowers…I didn’t wait for the rain. I just took a good sip of water, thought of a good joke, and spit it all out laughing. (Joke is not necessary if you can spray water without it, but it’s still fun even if you can). Also if there are no pretty flowers…just go to the flower store. Since you’ll be doing mostly closeups anyways it doesn’t really matter, and if you bring some paper for the background you can easily hide that you’re cheating.

So that’s it for now. Remember to check back for those tutorials or subscribe to get a notification once they come up. Puss o Kram

18 Apr 2013

C3 Church Malmö photo-shoot

A while ago I got into contact with one of the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever met, Q. He helped me figure out a lot of tough decisions and gave me the confidence to let go of some of the troubles I had in my heart…which have led to amazing things, and I am sure there is much more to come

He works at a small (though not for much longer) church in Malmö and I have had so much fun with the amazing people there. Recently he asked me if I could help out creating some promotional material, which was something he had been struggling with for a while now.

Even though I did not have my best friend, mr. Tripod, with me tonight I still managed to get some nice shots. Ok, so the statistics weren’t that impressive, only 12 out of 154 pictures I deemed worthy of an edit, but hey we don’t have DSLR’s for nothing!

I really want to get a nice pro lens for my EOS600D so that even in low light situations like these I can avoid evil dr. ISO-1600. But those are dreams for the future, for now, I just want to thank Q and hope he likes the pictures. I will definitely continue to help out.

25 Feb 2013

Initiation fun!

Ok, so a friend of mine who is studying medicine is part of the group that organizes the initiation of the new students. They asked me if I could help with photographing and editing their profile pictures. They were all dressed up as weird superheroes, for instance the guy dressed like superman (Stål-man in Swedish) is called Skål-man which mean something like the cheers-man (like the drinking cheers, remember student initiation) I think, considering the amount of time and resources i put into the images, they turned out pretty nifty indeed!

Update: The two lead organizers were also impressed and asked if I could make their profile pictures too. Theirs was actually a bit harder, because unlike the typical superhero poses I had to come up with poses for…Mother Earth & God! Well, let the results speak for themselves.

28 Jan 2013

Bokeh-licious wallpapers

Just a short post to share some new pictures. Whilst out at night last week I came across a shop where they had one of those colored fiber lamps and I took some bokeh-licious shots! I’m currently using them as my wallpaper and really like them, so here’s the full-res jpegs so you can decorate your own screen…enjoy!

25 Jan 2013