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Archive for June 2013

Boa viagem, meu amigo

Ok, my friend está muito perturbado! He’s going to go to and try to get from Copenhagen (Danmark) to Lisbon (Portugal)…on roller blades. Let me repeat that ON ROLLER BLADES!

He hopes to finish his journey in about 50 days…yeah right! I helped him today taking some of his pictures before he leaves, at least he looks professional, sort of. I wish him the very best of luck and can’t wait to hear about the adventures he had along the way (this guy is a story magnet so it should all turn out pretty epic).


27 Jun 2013

I’m in love…

I’m in love. She’s black, quite big and heavy. When I hold her she provides a firm grip, she has amazing sight and has a red ring…I’m talking about a lens of course!

And not any lens. This weekend I had the privilege to play around with a Canon 5D mrk II camera and a f2.8 24-70mm pro lens…boy did I love it!

The pictures all turn out so incredibly crisp, my 600D with kit lens can’t even begin to compare. Combined with the beautiful island Öland in Sweden I was simply blown away by the pictures showing up in my Lightroom.

Sadly though, my lover doesn’t come cheap…but where there’s a dream, a purpose and love…there’s a way. I’ll just keep working hard and continue to develop and know that one day I shall call her mine!

23 Jun 2013