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1920s Birthday Party

Photo-shoot 1920s Birthday Party

Recently two good friends asked me if I wanted to set up a photo-booth at their 1920s birthday party. Challenge Accepted

Now I knew that the room was going to be very dark. Since I don’t have any fancy flash equipment I was required to improvise. Another friend had some light stands lying around and combined with some cheap umbrellas and tungsten lights I think the results turned out really impressive.

I attached my favourite picture to this post…I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait for my prime lens so that with f1.2 I can make even more amazing close-up portrait pictures.

The pictures are now on my website in a special ‘store’ area for people to order so I hope that I can earn some money to pay my friend who I borrowed the lights from…and buy a camera bag. I really need one now since I’ve been asked to do several outdoor photo-shoots. So far I managed to transport my camera wrapped in some socks and a scarf…but that just ain’t good enough anymore

Thank’s guys (you know who you are) for the amazing party and I’d love to help you out again soon!


Posted by Rik on April 15, 2013
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  1. 04/15/2013
    Puck Wiedrsma

    Mooie foto’s kleinzoon, natuurlijk niet zo
    moeilijk met deze prachtige modellen


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