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Chloe art photo-shoot

I have the great pleasure to know Chloe Thompson; an amazing artist from Australia currently visiting Sweden. Today I helped her out photographing some of her art so that she can work on her book and hand out examples of her work to people interested in commissioning her.

The pictures of the ‘tree’, ‘moon & sea’, ‘moon girl’ and ‘maple leaf’ (these aren’t the actual names, I just made up some descriptive terms) are about 40 x 30 cm but the gorgeous ‘orange fantasy girl’ is a larger piece measuring 90 x 65 cm. Her work varies a lot and these pictures really only give a glimpse of her talent. On of my favourite things she makes are these small post cards for every occasion which she’ll actually soon start selling as well!

Taking the pictures actually turned out a lot harder then expected. Luckily these images are only practice runs for before we start compiling the actual material.

Especially hard was to keep all the angles nice and straight. As you can see I succeeded better in some images than others. I also didn’t have a calibration card with me so the white balance and colour temperature might be a bit off. Lastly the studio setup wasn’t optimal, you can clearly see that some of the table borders are a bit too narrow to look like a professional picture. I would have liked to try out some pictures on a reflective surface so that you gain a sense of size by comparing it to the reflection on the table but sadly the roll with plastic was missing from the studio.

So still a lot of things that I can improve on, but let’s be honest…the pictures look flipping AWESOME, mostly because of the incredible work on Chloe’s part! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to come into contact with her and get your own unique amazing piece of art!

Posted by Rik on February 26, 2013

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