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Archive for January 2013

Initiation fun!

Ok, so a friend of mine who is studying medicine is part of the group that organizes the initiation of the new students. They asked me if I could help with photographing and editing their profile pictures. They were all dressed up as weird superheroes, for instance the guy dressed like superman (Stål-man in Swedish) is called Skål-man which mean something like the cheers-man (like the drinking cheers, remember student initiation) I think, considering the amount of time and resources i put into the images, they turned out pretty nifty indeed!

Update: The two lead organizers were also impressed and asked if I could make their profile pictures too. Theirs was actually a bit harder, because unlike the typical superhero poses I had to come up with poses for…Mother Earth & God! Well, let the results speak for themselves.

28 Jan 2013

Bokeh-licious wallpapers

Just a short post to share some new pictures. Whilst out at night last week I came across a shop where they had one of those colored fiber lamps and I took some bokeh-licious shots! I’m currently using them as my wallpaper and really like them, so here’s the full-res jpegs so you can decorate your own screen…enjoy!

25 Jan 2013